The Big "I" in Pride: Sept 8-13

To Practice or Not to Practice...

Well, whether to practice or not really isn't the question.  When to practice, now we're getting hotter.  
While I do want encourage you all, starting with myself, to keep honing the gift you've been given by the Lord, I thought I'd pose a question for discussion.  A question I've been praying through a little lately:

What is the best night of the week to have practice?

Now, it may very well be Thursdays.  It's a good distance from the previous Sunday and gives time to prepare.  It's not too long before the upcoming Sunday, and we most likely won't forget all we practiced. :)  However, there are some drawbacks that have been popping up.  More and more younger musicians are involved and that creates a conflict with youth being the same night.  Cell groups are generally mid-week.  In any case, I thought I'd just putt it out there and see what you think. (please comment below with your thoughts) 

Looking ahead...

Coming up in a couple weeks we have our kick off meeting.  Please make sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, Sept 24 @ 7pm!  I look forward to getting together with you all.

This week we have Greg leading, along with some of our younger musicians.  Please make sure to pray and give them some encouragement as you run into them!  What a blessing to see the Lord's giftings being trained up and released!

Last spring a few of us started meeting the first Monday of each month with the purpose of writing songs.  If this interests you, let me know.  Stay tuned for more details.

What I'm listening to...

Thought I'd post some of the songs I'm currently listening to.  Click the following links and enjoy! :)

The Lion and the Lamb -  (louder version)
The Lion and the Lamb - (quieter version) 

Good Good Father -
Praise the King -
Shepherd Boy -

Need to Breathe - Live from the Woods -  (just a little sample) 

If you have any songs you'd like to share, please leave them in the comments below!  I'll be sure to check'em out.


The Big "I" in Pride
by Tom Kraeuter, Hillsboro, Missouri ... click here to read!

1. As an artist, how do you generally handle compliments?
2. What is one tangible thing you could do to help combat pride?
3. Is there something we should consider doing together as a team that would help cause pride to diminish?

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