Beyond, Beyond!! Sept: 1st - 6th

Hey everyone, 

Welcome to the new Music Ministry blog!  A place where you can find up-to-date information/communication, prayer needs, encouragement through devotionals directed at the ministry, and various other things to come.  Every Tuesday I will update you with any new news, post the weekly devotional, and anything else that crosses my mind. :)

This is also a great place to ask questions, start conversations, and pursue the Lord together on an ongoing basis.  Please feel free to contact myself and/or post your thoughts via the box below the entry of each post.  Each week I will continue to attach a devotional or thought.  I encourage you to take 2-3 minutes to read it through.  As the Lord leads, let's share what the Lord is saying and grow together.

This week....

Please pray for Greg and the team serving.  There is no practice on the Thursday and it's communion Sunday as well.  You can find the team and song list on Planning Centre to more accurately direct your prayers if desired.

We will most likely be doing a new song!  Feel free to check it out here...

*** Don't forget the upcoming meeting - Thursday, September 24th.


Beyond, Beyond!
by David Wright, Kettering, Ohio ....  Click here to read!

1. What could it mean for each of us involved in worship ministry to truly grasp that God loves us?
2. Would -- should?! -- recognizing His love cause us to play/sing/ministry differently?
3. How could we, as a team, better convey the Lord's love to the congregation?

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