Whose Titus are You?: Sept 29th - Oct 4th

This week...

Hey everyone!  This is the last time I will be reminding you, this week is the ministry meeting!  If you haven't confirmed on Planning Centre, please take a moment to do that.  I want to provide a bit of snacks and numbers help.  We'll be starting at 6:30pm and going till about 8pm(maybe shorter).  

If you are on this week, please note that there is no practice.  We will meet Sunday morning at 7:30am.  Yes, it's an early one!!

New song possibility alert for this week:  Lion and the Lamb!!
If you haven't checked it out, please do!! ... 

Greg is leading music, Rob is preaching, many are teaching children, playing instruments, and greeting and taking offering.  Friends, there's lots to be in prayer for.

On this Ground we Stand...

As a music ministry, we have a value statement.  Do you ever think about that?  Do I often think about that?  While the answers to those questions may vary, the truth is, we have a document containing values that are meant to shape the music here at Calvary.  At the meeting this week, and over the next few weeks on this blog, I'll be posting some for you to look over.  Do you agree with them? Are we falling short?  Have things changed?  All valid questions.  Let me know your thoughts.

Click here for section #1...Team mindset & Attitude


Whose Titus Are You?
by David Wright, Kettering, Ohio ... click here to read!!

1. If you have a Titus person in your life, share how they have impacted your life?
2. Is there someone for whom you are - or perhaps should be - acting like Titus?
3. What are some practical ways that you can encourage one another as a team?

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