Smelly Worship?: October 6th - 11th

This Week...

Hey everyone!!  Happy Thanksgiving week!!  The one week that we're to be thankful!... Ummm... No.  As we've been talking about growing in encouragement lately, let's be pro-active this week in being thankful.  

Tell your spouse, kids, friends, co-workers, or just plain post it as a comment below, something you're thankful for!  Let me start...I'm thankful for the team last week!  Willingly showing up, ready to play on Sunday morning at 7:30am!  Thank you! You all did amazing!  I really felt you were all led by the Spirit.  Let's not forget the spouses, thank you spouses for facilitating them to be there!  Grace to you and your family!

It is once again my Sunday to lead, along with: Owen, Taylor, Nyk, and Eleah.  We covet your prayers! 

On This Ground we Stand...(Part 2)

Last week I began a recap, of sorts, of the values that guide the music ministry.  Please click here to continue that journey.  This week we look at Personal Devotion.

Prepared to Practice...

Not thinking of anyone in particular, but felt led to talk briefly about what it means to be "prepared" to practice.  In pondering that I came to realize the two sided coin that it is! :(  Below I've listed some things that should be in place before the clock strikes 7pm on a Thursday night(for example):

- prayed up, relationally connecting with the Lord
- in the clear with the Lord (unconfessed sin? unity in the team?)
- instrument tuned, and set-up
- music sheets/iPad ready
- not rushed, early to connect with others
- some understanding of songs on the list(see leaders list)

- all those mentioned above
- songs picked and communicated to the team in advance
- good idea of how you'd like songs mapped out

A good practice, or should we say 'rehearsal', is a big deal and requires more than just throwing things together.  That includes our personal selves as well, and it starts with the leader.  I was impacted at the meeting, as the team as a whole felt there was a noticed weakness in the ministry in regards to this.  I'm blessed by the desire to grow.

So, is there any I've missed?  Which one's do you feel you could grow in?

Please comment/ask questions below!


How Smelly is our Worship?
by Carlene Archer, Gainesville, here to read! 


1. What do you do when you are struggling with your heart not really being present in worship?
2. How do you find the necessary balance between doing the music (or whatever your role is) well, but also having your heart turned toward God?
3. How can those of us involved in worship ministry demonstrate "smelly worship" to the congregation? 

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