Take Me Out to the Ballgame!: Oct 13th - 18th

This week...

Wow, not sure about you, but life is getting busy folks!!  We have community groups started up, the Salt & Light leadership conference in Fargo this weekend, kids involved in various school activities, and to boot, it's budget season at Calvary.  It just becomes more and more evident that I need Jesus, on a daily basis!

Take a moment to think about your schedule.  Take a moment and think about all the Lord has blessed you with and called you to.  Family, jobs, ministry, house and vehicles, bills, etc...  I know, I know, overwhelming??  Friends, remember to invite the Holy Spirit into your everyday, your every situation!!  We need Jesus.

As you reflect and spend to with the Lord here's some stuff to lift up:
1. The S&L conference and those serving and being ministered to there.
2. Corinne and the team here at Calvary Chapel.
3. Rob, he's speaking in Fargo Saturday, and back at Calvary on Sunday morning.  
4. The budget and all the Lord has for Calvary Chapel in 2016

And lastly, WHAT A JAYS GAME ON WEDNESDAY!!!  Ironically, this weeks devotional goes hand and hand...check it out below!

On This Ground we Stand...

As I prepared the following document, our last point in our ministry values, I couldn't help but notice how timely Darian's email was this week.  If you have yet to read it, please pause and take some time to go over it.

Our journey through the ministry values as taken us from team mindset/attitude to personal devotion, and now, musicianship.  I invite you to read it over with a prayerful heart.  Ask the Lord to highlight any areas you/we may need to pay closer attention to.

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Take me out to the ball game
by Karen Morerod, Kansas City, Kansas

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1. Regardless of how much talent we have - or don't have - it still takes the entire team to make the worship ministry work. Practically speaking, how can you acknowledge that?
2. Recognizing that there are varying roles in a worship ministry (not everyone, for example, is the leader), what can you do to be the best team-player you can be?

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