Butterflies Walking: Nov 10th - 16th

This Week and Beyond...

A big congrats to one of our very own!!  Jermey and Erin celebrated the arrival of their second miracle child, Brooklyn Grace!  Praise the Lord! As a result, Jermey will be taking a little break of the next bit.  Let's keep the Williams in our prayers.  We love and bless you guys!!

Coming up this Saturday, Corinne and her daughter Julianna will be heading out to Rwanda as part of the team going to celebrate ADPER's 75 anniversary jubilee celebration.  It's a long trip with lots of new stuff and question marks! Good times!!  Corinne and the team need our prayers, not to mention Sheldon as he stays home all alone! ;) 

Welcome to the team goes out to Kelsey Penner.  Kelsey played bass this last Sunday for the first time and will generally be joining as a acoustic/electric guitarist.

As a result of the Rwanda trip, and babies, I will be leading most Sundays for a little bit and the schedule may be changing ever so slightly.  I may come knocking on your door. :)

Lastly, so sorry about the Pursuit cancellation on Sunday.  Saturday evening was not kind to me and it seemed to follow me till Monday.  We WILL be starting these up, so please stay tuned.

Music To Check Out!!

Just in case you're looking for some new music to check out, here are a couple suggestions!
- Amanda Cook: Brave New World
- House Fires II
- New Life Worship: Strong God (specifically the "Ascribe" track!)
- Hillsong Worship: Open Heaven / River Wild (specifically the "O Praise The Name" track. WOW!!)

If you like good worship music with no lyrics...(great while studying, reading, praying)
- New Life Worship: Soak
- Bethel Music: Without Words
- Bethel Music: Without Words - Synesthesia


Butterflies Walking
By David Baroni, Franklin, Tennessee (www.DavidBaroni.com)
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1. Do you ever feel like you're pushing harder than what God wants you to? 
2. What sort of difference might it make if you saw yourself yoked to Jesus, with Him supplying the strength you need?
3. Is there an area of your life or ministry that you need to ask God for His power to be at work in you? Do that right now.

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