Bible Study Tool           P - SOAP – Q (No background music)


-        Ask God to speak to you

-        Ask God to help you understand what your reading

-        Ask God what is distracting you right now, and how you should deal with it

-        Tell God how you feel about him right now (Honestly)


-        Read through 1 chapter where you are at

-         Read it a second time, pay attention to the main theme, what is it?

-        Read it a third time, are there any key words that are jumping off the page at you?

Observe   Write down the main theme

-        Write down the ‘key’ words that stick out to you

-        Write down 1 or 2 key verses that “impact, challenge you, or you just noticed”

-        Write down what do you not understand from this chapter?

Application (write these answers down to)

-        What did you learn from this chapter

-        Is there an example to follow?

-        How would the world be different if they followed the main theme of this chapter?

-        Are there actions to take or avoid??

-        What might Jesus be teaching you through this chapter?

-        Share with someone what you learned here today!


-        Ask Jesus to keep speaking to you through this chapter in the next days to come

-        Ask Jesus to help you apply the verse that stuck out to you to your life

-        Ask Jesus to give you an opportunity to share what you learned here with someone else

-        Ask Jesus if there is anything else he wants to say you

-        What burden has the Lord put on your heart?  Pray for it!

-        Spend at least 5 minutes praising God (can listen to worship music)  


-        Who wrote this part of the bible?

-        What circumstance or event prompted this incident or teaching?

-        Who was this text written to?

-        Why did the person act as he did? Or say what he said?




The Great Summer Challenge!!!

-        Do P-SOAP-Q 3 times a week for the 9 weeks of summer

o   1 time must be with a friend or parent (Per week)

o   The other 2 can be solo

o   You must spend an hour per P-SOAP-Q  If you finish one chapter start the process on the next one. 

o   Start in the book of Galatians, and work your way to the end of the bible from there. 

-        Memorize 12 bible verses, and be able to recite all of them on Sept 4th

-        Must keep all P-SOAP-Q’s in 1 journal

-        Spend at least 1 hour (in one time chunk) in prayer every week