Sabbath Care

God invented rest. And he calls his people to live a life of resting in Him even as we work and serve him. He are some practical things to consider in living a life that Rests in God.



The internet is full of great resources; here are some of our favorites, though many more could be included.

Sermon Illustrations & Helps | Youth | Powerpoint | Bibles | Bible Training

Sermon Illustrations & Helps

  1. Possibly the best sermon illustrations site on the web, searchable and organized by category: also known as

  2. Another really good site with well organized illustrations and stories, searchable and organized by category:

  3. is Christian researcher George Barna’s site with a searchable database of statistics and research on North American Christianity and public opinion.

  4. Looking for a certain word you can’t think of? Mirriam Webster’s online and offer synonyms for just the right nuance or connotation.

  5. covers current events and pop culture from a Christian perspective. Great for sermons, talks, references etc. and a good way to keep in touch with pop culture.

  6. gathers bizarre but true news stories offering unique stories and illustrations.


While many of the above links are helpful for youth leaders too, these two focus on youth issues and are very helpful.

  1. The Centre for Parent / Youth understanding, with a searchable database for statistics / info on youth and youth culture:

  2. is a great resource for youth workers, their database of searchable and categorized games is among the most helpful tools for planning a “fun night” or activity.


  1. has almost 2000 free images of the Bible’s regions, downloadable and Powerpoint ready! See vistas of Bethlehem, the Dome of the Rock, Corinth or Laodicea, see a model of the temple, a Roman Soldier in full armour and much more.

  2. is a similar site with a searchable database of many beautiful and good quality images of bible places.

  3. has thousands of searchable images very useful for augmenting sermons or as backgrounds to announcements. Whether you’re looking for a picture of coins, a castle, a fishing boat or a guy parachuting, webshots probably has it. Although 80% of the images are free, a membership is worth it as you get unlimited access to highest quality images. A membership costs $43.36 for two years, though you can also buy for shorter periods.

  4. and click on the “images” tab to search the internet for any image you want. I recently searched for “Abraham” and found a painting to use as a backdrop for a series on Abraham’s life.


  1. is by far the best site we have found!

Bible Training

  1. - free bible school training.

  2. One of the best Bible reading guides we've found. (PDF)