Ken Peters

I was born in and raised in BC.  I lived there until I was 19 when I moved to Regina to attend Bible College.  While there I met my wife Kathy. We have been married for 11 years.  We have two kids, a girl 5,  and a boy 2. They are a huge blessing.

For fun I love to read science fiction and fantasy novels. I am also a long distance r unner. This past September I ran 7th half marathon.  I am also a keen observer of technology and pop culture and I find it interesting how technology drives the world around us.

I am currently in my first year of the education program at the University of Manitoba. I have two years to go before I get my Bachelor of Education. I would love to teach the Bible classes at Christian school or grade 12 English literature.

I have been a believer in Christ all my life. The through many high and lows God has taught me importance of trusting Him every minute of every day. Lately God has been teaching  more about the spiritual gifts that he has entrusted to me. Also be has given me a passion for youth and young adults. It thrills me to see them fall passionately in love with Jesus and the Word of God.