Community groups – sometimes called small or house groups – are a vital part of Calvary Chapel life and the main connecting point for people wanting to become part of the church. No matter how good our pastors are, they can’t meet everyone’s needs all the time! When someone has a baby, gets married or moves house, it’s often their small group that helps. Small groups provide intimate community and weekly relationships within the larger growing church; they ensure a connecting point beyond Sunday morning, and are a safe place where people share life together, caring for practical needs, praying for each other and studying the Bible and pursuing God together. Each group has its own flavor, but most groups include hang-out time, food, some form of Bible study or topical course, and prayer for individual’s and church needs.

If you're interested in joining a community group, please contact the leaders and let them know!
If you have further questions and comments in general, please email me(Greg Friesen) and I'll get back to you. click here

Community life….starting this fall!

Larry & Anna Gordon
Dave & Edith Hiebert

Date: Thursday
Time: 6:30pm
Location: 538 Hanover St. Steinbach, MB
Phone: 204.392.0561 or 204.371.5208
Email: or
Start date: October 3rd

Greg & Michelle Friesen
Date: Tuesday
Time: 7-9pm
Location: 575 Barkman Ave.
Steinbach, MB
Phone: 204.381.0105
Start date: October 1st

Harry & Liz Wollmann
Date: Monday
Time: 7-9pm
Location: 10 Granite Park Blvd
Steinbach, MB
Phone: 204.392.3551
Start date: October 7th

Kelsey & Jenn Penner
Phone: 204.371.2125
Start date: September 29th

Kelly McIntyre

Date: Thursday
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Calvary Chapel
Phone: 204.320.9339
or 204.371.4830
Start date: October 3rd

Jon & Kim Millar

Date: Thursday (bi-weekly)
Time: 7:30pm
Location: 59 Aspen Dr. Kleefeld, MB
Phone: 204.381.2461 or 204.381.2316
Email: or
Start date: September 26th

Erin Williams

Date: Friday
Time: 10am - 3pm (come and go)
Location: 31067 road 30N
Steinbach, MB
Phone: 204.380.3578
Start date: October 4th

Andrew & Tracy McDonald
Elmer & Carlana Chen

Date: Saturday (bi-weekly)
Time: 7pm
Location: 140 Albert St. Steinbach, MB
Phone: 204.392.8586
Email: or
Next date: Sept 21st

Gene & Marla Enns

Date: Thursday
Time: 7:15pm
Location: 41 Main St
Otterburne, MB
Phone: 204.381.3692
Start date: October 3rd

Brad & Kelly McIntyre
Location: 53 High Point Lane
Steinbach, MB
To be determined…

Freedom Sessions

Freedom Session start this fall.

Jesus has come to bring us life to the fullest and to redeem every part of who we are. To do this we need to take a good look of where we may still be carrying around hurts and scars from the past and allow Jesus to take us by the hand and bring healing. These sessions will run as a Community Group as well as during the Women’s Ministry starting in September. Talk to Matt if interested.

Leader: Matt Vogt
Phone: 204.471.5061

Click here to register for Freedom Sessions